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Organic Cotton pouch Maroon OUTLET

Organic Cotton pouch Maroon OUTLET
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Brand new and totally functional products from La Industria Handmade which we consider are not 100% perfect in terms of stitching or design. Some might be slightly smaller; others may have a small defect in the fabric or the elastic for the closure may be a little crooked. Others simply are out of season models.

You can contact us stating the model you would like to buy and we will send you pictures explaining why we have catalogued the units as "outlet" before you decide to purchase.
Let us know if you are looking for a different model.

La Industria Handmade's Organic Cotton Tobacco Pouch Smoker’s Case is a convenient solution to keep all your smoking essentials in one place.

Made with durable materials in many fashion-forward designs to choose from, La Industria’s tobacco pouches secure everything you need to roll your cigarettes in style. It features 2 zippered compartments and 2 smaller compartments for smoking accessories like filter tips, rolling papers, and your lighter, keeping them together yet organized individually.

The pouch can also be used to keep other things like phone accessories (cords, earphones), pens or small notebooks, cards, extra cash, or even cosmetics!